When Widgetbox launched its Widgetbox Blog Network, we announced Yardbarker as our partner and exclusive blog network. I've worked with Yardbarker closely with beRecruited and InGameNow - in fact, Anette joined the Yardbarker team a few months ago. Yardbarker now has over 650 blogs in their Yardbarker Network (YBN) and the new YBN Widget dynamically features content across their network. The widget is configurable based on league and team. For instance, you can choose Top Headlines (shown below) or a Red Sox specific widget (we intentionally disable the Yankees widget... joking).

Widgetbox is working with other partners to create similar widgets and networks based on their current audiences, publishers and/or websites. If you operate a series of blogs - Widgetbox can help connect them through a similar, branded widget. Likewise, if you have a network of users / publishers, we can work with you to connect their content, grow their traffic and monetize your widgets. Please contact me directly if you are interested in working with Widgetbox:

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