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Widgetbox's New Partner Networks

Widgetbox has launched what we are billing as our Partner Networks platform. The Networks enable publishers of all sizes to rapidly create custom, branded widgets that merge content across multiple sources, authors and feeds. The widget is completely customizable and based on your author feed(s). Partners format the widget (size, layout, content, etc) and then manage the content via our 'membership console' (a tool to add, invite and organize the feeds displayed in the widget).

Partners also get branded hubs on Those pages are also customizable and dynamically feature the network's widgets, members and headlines.

Below are examples of two Network Widgets - one from YouTube and one from Yardbarker. The widgets are below and a screenshot of the YouTube Network hub is then beneath that.

If you are interested in working with Widgetbox, please contact me directly. Whether you are an individual blogger or a major blogging platform, we have solutions!

YouTube Videos Network

Widgetbox and Yardbarker Release Yardbarker Network Widget

When Widgetbox launched its Widgetbox Blog Network, we announced Yardbarker as our partner and exclusive blog network. I've worked with Yardbarker closely with beRecruited and InGameNow - in fact, Anette joined the Yardbarker team a few months ago. Yardbarker now has over 650 blogs in their Yardbarker Network (YBN) and the new YBN Widget dynamically features content across their network. The widget is configurable based on league and team. For instance, you can choose Top Headlines (shown below) or a Red Sox specific widget (we intentionally disable the Yankees widget... joking).

Widgetbox is working with other partners to create similar widgets and networks based on their current audiences, publishers and/or websites. If you operate a series of blogs - Widgetbox can help connect them through a similar, branded widget. Likewise, if you have a network of users / publishers, we can work with you to connect their content, grow their traffic and monetize your widgets. Please contact me directly if you are interested in working with Widgetbox:

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Adify Acquired by Cox for $300mm

Congratulations to the Adify team - who I've gotten to know through their YardBarker Network relationship (which beRecruited has used).

TechCrunch is reporting that Adify was acquired for $300mm by Cox Enterprises. The interesting part of this acquisition is that, like the ad-network acquisitions, it was in that $250-$300mm sweet spot... but Adify isn't an ad network like Blue Lithium and Tacoda - Adify is unique because they enable companies to power their own ad networks (sales, payments, units, tracking, etc).

Again, congrats!