Want proof that mobile is atop everyone's mind? First, I was part of a great dinner last night with twelve or so valley entrepreneurs... without forcing the topic, the conversation quickly turned to: - the iPhone - Android and the G1 - Apps across each - possibilities of new ideas

Great conversation... that was echo'd (and then some) throughout the blogosphere today. Here is a snapshot of some of the articles I found particularly interesting:

GPhone-iPhone Browser Battle: Google Android G1 Faster, iPhone Better (Alley Insider)

The iPhone's default scaling and zoom features, in our opinion, make it easier to start reading a partially loaded Web site than Google's default, which is to zoom in on the upper-left corner of a page; often an ad or navigation bar. Minor personal preference: The iPhone's gesture-based scrolling -- pushing a page up or down, right or left -- is smoother than the G1's.

Even AT&T Is Startled by Cost of iPhone Partnership (NY Times)

AT&T’s successful relationship with Apple comes at a price: $900 million. That is the amount of money AT&T paid to Apple for the 2.4 million iPhones the phone company sold in the third quarter. It is a number that surprised even AT&T, which did not anticipate such huge demand for the smartphone.

Sony's New Phone is an 8MB Computer, 8MP Camera (BoyGenius)

iPhones are a must-have for Congress (TheHill.com)

The Chief Administrative Office (CAO), which oversees the communications systems for the House, has begun testing a small number of iPhones within its ranks to see if they are compatible with the working needs of lawmakers and staff. “The reason we’re trying them out is because we heard a lot of people wanted the option to have them,” said Jeff Ventura, a spokesman for the CAO.

$300 For BlackBerry Bold? No, Thanks (Alley Insider)

$300? In this economy? With a superb phone already priced at $100 less? What is RIM smoking?