I got it wrong. Totally wrong.

I underestimated the power of branded cardboard boxes of fried chicken.

This morning, I said that Kentucky Fried Chicken's promotion with Guitar Hero 4 was laughably bad... and used JibJab's High School Musical viral campaign as an example of a great branded promotion.

I stand by the JibJab comment - but apparently I underestimated the power of the Guitar Hero 4 brand... because since that post, my blog has been flooded with traffic arriving from Google search queries like:

» kfc guitar hero box price » kfc guitar hero » kfc box guitar hero » KFC GUITAR HERO » guitar hero box kfc » how much is new kfc guitar... » how much is the kfc guitar...

While I stand by my argument that this is not great marketing - KFC clearly attached themselves to a great brand and product launch. And their commercials did a great job featuring the Guitar Hero brand... effectively driving traffic to KFC and in search of their new combo meal. Even more impressive - this traffic is from the 2nd - 5th results in Google (meaning that I only represent a fraction of the actual 'demand' / activity.