The hot weekend rumor is that Apple will be adding its own version of a Rodeo Drive within the App Store. The Premium Store (if you will) will be a showcase for higher end applications - supposedly at the $20.00+ rate. In addition to the promotion, there would likely be other incentives for Premium Applications... perhaps ala Facebook's preferred developer program.

This makes total sense for Apple as it responds to two major issues:

- Gallery navigation has failed as its size has swelled. Ask eBay what happens when too many listings exist and you rely on the search box? Twitter is falling into a similar navigational issue....

- 99% of applications are better off being free or $0.99... and it is in Apple's best interest to have successful, more-expensive applications.

The rumor, however, sounds less like a Premium Gallery and more like a sort option. I hope it is something more bolder - because otherwise it is merely another tab or box on an already cluttered experienced.