Like 100,000s of others, I cam to Hulu to watch the Jim Cramer / Jon Stewart debate... so what if it was my fifth viewing?

Before the video played, I got the following option: - watch a sponsored pre-roll for the movie "Miss March" (kill me... it looks awful) - and then watch the show commercial-free - or watch the "normal commercial breaks"


I love that Hulu gives me the choice. And advertisers should love it to. Wouldn't Miss March (or any other brand advertiser) prefer to have engaged viewed who elected to view the ad? Particularly in such a captive model (either an upfront unit or mid-show).

Imagine the next evolution when we can select from multiple advertisements(rather than formats). I think Miss March looks miserable and would therefore prefer to see a different ad. And Miss March would probably prefer this too... rather than paying $20CPMs for viewers like me who will never see it. Meanwhile, Hulu can charge higher CPMs because the ads are better targeted and higher value.