I am baffled that Google hasn't yet created specific iPhone Applications for: Gmail, RSS Reader, GTalk, Docs, etc... It's not that Google is adverse to developing on the iPhone: their core Google App and Google Earth App are terrific... and wildly popular. So why are we left with glorified webpages / bookmarks for Google's other core services?

Today Google announced that they made significant changes to GMail on the iPhone and on Android (changes they are "thrilled" about).

gmail-iphone I'm left totally unsatisfied. I want a true application that works much like Gmail does between online and offline modes. Integrate my contacts and calendar... and I would never have to use my phone's core applications. It would include search, enable customizations and eventually allow for push notifications (when iPhone 3.0 arrives). I will continue being greedy and ask for integrations with Google Chat, Tasks, RSS and Maps. If monetization is the issue, I would have no problem with in-app ads (as Google does with the current Google App). Furthermore, I would imagine that monetization is more efficient in the app than on the mobile webpages.

CNET agrees that a native application is better (and has eight reasons why)... so is anything in the works? My fear is that it would have been released by now. Perhaps iPhone 3.0 will be the motivator?!