This isn't the first time that Apple and ESPN have aggressively experimented with unique, clearly custom ad integration on's homepage. A little under two months ago, Apple ran an interactive expanding ad for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Yesterday, Apple and ESPN teamed up for another integrated campaign that ties into current television / print advertising... and it too was well done - although a little more aggressive as ESPN actually pushed all of their content below the ad and below the fold. Take a look:

ESPN Apple Rich Media Ad Two things to notice here: 1. Ads have replaced the standard headline links on the right side (now below the fold) 2. Those ads are 'fake' - they actually link to Apple and are part of the experience (not sure how I feel about this)

ESPN Apple Ad

Notice how those 'fake' ads are now overtaken by the "PC. Easy as 1-2-3" roll out.

ESPN Apple Mac Rich Ads

After the ad concludes, you get the above message. It is strange that the horizontal unit is so plain. I would expect that it would at least have two large calls to action: replay or go.