Facebook now allows Page owners to create Facebook Ads that allow users to "Become a Fan" directly in the unit. It is a natural move since adding fans is a priority for social media marketers - and it is a more difficult task that adding Twitter followers (though arguably more valuable). If you are logged in as a page administrator, you will now see a button on your page(s) to "promote your page with an ad" ... which now includes a "Become a Fan" button. Yesterday TAG Body Spray ran a campaign to promote their new product and Facebook presence. As of yesterday morning, they had 18,000 Facebook fans:

tag-luda Twenty-four hours later, Tag has over 85,000 Facebook fans. You will also notice that those fans are engaging with TAG's content. Before the promotion, each Facebook post would have 2-5 'likes' and no comments (meaning the posts would not appear virally in people's feeds). TAG's posts from today have 100s of 'likes' and 50-100 comments. Not bad considering the posts are not as social or interactive as they could be (Starbucks is a great example here).