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Taco Bell's Instagram Doritos Locos Tacos Commercial

I love Taco Bell's new television commercial for the Doritos Locos Taco. It features a series of user-uploaded Instagram photos of Doritos Locos Tacos: "no matter how hard you try, pictures just don't do it justice." It's fun, social, and conveys how popular and unique the product has been. The Doritos Locos campaign has been a smash success - and social promotion has been a key part. Creating a television campaign atop that activity (on Instagram no-less) is terrific. [youtube value=""]

Side note: the new taco has indeed been a smash success. Roughly 30% of Taco Bell orders include the Dorito's Taco and same store sales up 6% after launch. Taco Bell even responded to my tweet: "The people have spoken. And the people love #DoritosLocosTacos." (a very, very proud moment for me)

Proof that Kids Love JibJab Jr Books

Want proof that JibJab Jr. Books are adored by children?! JibJab Jr. are personalized books for the iPad, updated monthly with new stories, and they now include sound. Note: Polaris is an investor in JibJab

MyFace. From FX's The League.

The world's first offline social network.From FX's The League. This is terrific.

Please excuse the poor quality... home video =) And please excuse some slight profanity - but still kosher for TV!

Adam Sandler's Just Go For It Trailer is Facebook Themed

Continuing the theme of posting about TV commercials... here is the latest spot for Adam Sandler's new movie "Just Go For It." The entire spot is created around Facebook: it opens with a Like button (on Brooklyn Decker) and then narrates the story through the Facebook newsfeed and profile. Clever and it will clearly resonate with Adam Sandler's core audience.

Also, instead of promoting the movie's website (, they promote the Facebook page ( In the other TV spots - including the original trailer - is promoted.... I give them credit for continuing the Facebook theme and promoting the movie in context.

Mad Men's New Season: Starring You with JibJab

The new season of Mad Men premiers on AMC July 25th...But why wait until then to get your Mad Men fill? JibJab's latest Starring You video features highlights of last season's Mad Men series and includes roles as Don Draper, Betty Draper, Joan Holloway, and Roger Sterling.

As with other JibJab videos, you can easily include photos from Facebook (either photos from your profile or from your friends') and can share via Facebook (the feed, wall, email, etc). Enjoy:

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

HP's Sarah Jessica Parker Commercial

HP's newest commercial features Sarah Jessica Parker (which is very good)... but if you weren't familiar with the campaign, you could easily mistake it for an Apple advertisement (with its tablet references, swiping and floating applications):

Levis + Facebook's Open Graph = Awesome Social Shopping

Facebook's F8 announcements featured prominent partner integrations with Pandora, IMDB, ESPN and Yelp... but Levi's quickly demonstrated that the Open Graph and web-wide Like functionality are highly applicable to e-commerce and social shopping. Just as Pandora uses Facebook to personalize music (artist & channel) through your social graph, Levis allows shoppers to like, view and filter products based on social input / preferences.

Shoppers can either view top products from "everyone" or specifically visit the "Friends Store": a storefront with content chosen by your Facebook friends. You can also invite friends directly to shop alongside you and provide their feedback.

Cleverly, Levis also features friends' upcoming birthdays, showcases their favorite Levis products and encourages gifting.