By now, you may have heard about Powermat - the innovative tool that charges your equipment without the cords and tangles. It's a smart product that solves a common need - and has we continue to collect gadgets that play important roles in our daily lives, charging becomes more important and more of a hassle.

Powermat has begun advertising heavily on radio, television and internet. The below ad unit currently running on Gizmodo is outstanding. I have written before about expansive ad units (examples here and here) and integrated, full-page units (like this).

The Powermat ad units do both. Here on Gizmodo:

- there is a great expansive header where the cords retract into the traditional ad unit (Gizmodo content can be seen beneath). Not only is it visually terrific - it captures the Powermat concept perfectly and is fully integrated into the Gizmodo site - there is a matching vertical banner on the left panel - a Powermat sponsorship logo near the search box - and a large, integrated horizontal unit halfway down the page

powermat expanded ad powermat retracted

And the Powermat ad units are integrated throughout the entire Gizmodo site. Below is a screenshot of the ad sitting between blog posts and headlines:

powermat mid post