This will be the first of a few short Facebook related posts - my apologies!

InsideFacebook has a nice write up the recent Living Proof sampling campaign they ran on Facebook.

Using Facebook's sampling ad unit and their Fan Page, Living Proof was able to distribute 15,000 samples of their No Frizz hair product in under 48 hours. During that same period, their Facebook fan base rose from 1,000 to over 7,000.

In addition to successfully pushing distribution and driving fans / discussion, Facebook enabled Living Proof to successful target a quality audience - both for the sampling and the fan base. 93% of Living Proof's Facebook audience is female and 88% are their fans are between 18-54:

"By not requiring Facebook users to become fans of the page to get the sample, they potentially hurt their overall numbers. But it seems that Living Proof was after quality over quantity in this instance, which is reflected in the extremely specific demographic targeted through Facebook ads — 88% of those exposed to the ads were females between 18 and 54 years old. Read more..."