This morning, Nike announced the unveiling of their new Nike Golf website via Facebook: Like most Nike online experiences: it is good looking, has slick UI, and is easy to navigate. The surprising part was the clear omission of Tiger Woods... particularly as one of the lone remaining sponsors. Nike's Golf site used to be canvased with Tiger - now you have to work to find any mention of him. To be fair to Nike, they removed much of the Tiger imagery and promotion in recent months... but the announcement of a new looks as though the unveiling was more about removing Tiger than renovating the site.

Of course, I am not the only one to notice this. The Facebook announcement led to a mixture of responses from fans - about both the site and Tiger Woods:

Bobby Kane: The post was about the launch of Nike's new Golf site; why for the love of all that is holy does someone have to bring Tiger Woods and his PERSONAL LIFE into it. Nike Golf Facebook moderator, the new site looks great.

Nike Golf: Thank you Bobby Kane!