A late announcement as this launched earlier in the year... but Polaris portfolio company Living Proof has introduced a new product: Full. It is Living Proof's second product line, following the success of No Frizz. Full is a thickening cream that uses MIT-grown science to transform flat, lifeless hair into beautiful, naturally full hair: "Full is a lightweight formula that features Poly Beta Amino Ester-1, a new technology invented by our scientists that creates a micro-pattern of thickening points on each strand."

You can find Full on LivingProof.com and at Sephora (both online and in stores). In fact, Sephora storefronts currently feature Living Proof's Full.... very prominently! If you are out shopping this weekend, I encourage you to stop by your local Sephora and take a look at Full:

A Sephora storefront featuring Full:

Full featured on LivingProof.com:

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