My day of short blog posts continues....

The below email from AT&T ('Add an iPhone today') is interesting because:

- it arrived in my inbox a few days ago (May 15) - is in advance of the supposed June launch of the newest iPhone ... which will also supposedly be on AT&T

- it comes just a couple days after the announcement that, for the first time, Android devices are outselling the iPhone (see here) ... and AT&T's Android offering is weaker than Verizon's or even T-Mobile's

- there is no incentive whatsoever to add an iPhone - no discount, family plan, etc

- it was sent in advance of Google's I/O conference - which would obviously focus on Android

It strikes me as an attempt to squeeze in sales between Android growth, Android news and the forthcoming iPhone. Of course you could argue it is an indication that perhaps the next generation iPhone, as many hope, is available beyond AT&T???