For the World Cup Finals, Nike Soccer took over with a big, interactive campaign asking fans "Who are you behind?" When clicked, users arrived at their Facebook application and were able to submit "headlines" for the game and their favorite players... which are of course published to Twitter (#NikeFuture) and Facebook. More interesting though is that the ad shows results of their poll: "Who are you behind?" The screenshot below was taken just after Spain's Iniesta won the game and, as such, its predictable that he led the vote 63% to 37% (over Sneijder).

It is a clever campaign that runs concurrently with a major, live event... and includes real-time results both in the unit and via the fans' Twitter / Facebook publishings. The campaign's look, messaging and action changed as the game developed and ended.

Minutes after the Spain won the World Cup, the Nike ads changed from "Who are you behind?" to "The future has been written". Rather than polling users and focusing on Facebook and Twitter (though still available - screenshot also below), the ad drives users to

Again, after the World Cup's conclusion, the interactive component of the campaign was relegated to the sidebar square: