I have written much about the importance of copy in advertising... particularly Facebook ads. The below premium Facebook ad from McDonald's is the best yet. McDonald's dedicated ~20% of their allotted 135 characters to a disclaimer about the burger's pre-cooking weight... and that is after they compressed "weight before cooking": The Simple Joy of Burgers and Angus Third Pounder* downloads. Spend more time with the things you like. *wbc at least 5.33oz The fact that I knew what 'wbc' stood for reveals my unfortunate food preferences... but assume not everyone shares my tastes and the ad is even stranger:

To put this in context - take a look at the Angus Third Pounder landing page from the ad. Huge burger. Big copy. And buried at the very bottom is the same legalese: wbc before cooking 5.33oz. But in this case it doesn't interfere with the page / ad and is barely noticeable: