Earlier today, Facebook announced their Bing integration and the post on Facebook included a new Facebook commenting system. TechCrunch has since covered and confirmed that a larger commenting upgrade / system is coming.

A couple very quick thoughts:

1. It is a no-brainer that Facebook would apply their graph to commenting... it fits nicely alongside the like button (which also includes expanding comments).

2. It is a no-brainer that Facebook will gain distribution rather quickly since: A. The integration should be relatively simple (as the Like button is) B. It could tie-in very nicely to the already-existing FB widgets, buttons, etc C. It could drive significant traffic to the publishers via on-Facebook promotion

3. It again represents Facebook's ability to build social search. Prior thoughts here.

4. It potentially represents a rethinking of on-Facebook commenting / threading as well.

I will try to have Facebook comments live on RyanSpoon.com once available.