I have written several times about Facebook's continued promotion of the Friend Finder tool ... which one attempt by Facebook to encourage user invites. Here is the latest Friend Finder 'widget' which sits on the right column of your newsfeed (underneath the Events and above Sponsored unit). Two things are worth noting:

First - and most noticeably - there is no call out for particular services (like AOL, GMail, Skype, etc). It appears to be a universal login. This is bold, creative and mildly confusing. I am not sure that I would know what credentials to login with... and I *am* sure that, if I found a similar widget' on off-Facebook.com, I would absolutely not enter anything (particularly true if on Gawker!).

Second, I really like the creative. The social content makes it hyper-targeted: "Friend XYZ found you and N more friends using the friend finder." I love how it tells you which friend(s) connected specifically with you via the tool. Ahh... the power of social ads and targeting.