There is nothing profound about this realization or blog post... after all, it was sparked by Apple's iPad: Rewind 2010 promotion which has two categories of featured applications: 'The Cloud' and 'Mobile Office':

Again, this is not profound: but there are two major takeaways here:

1. Mobile is now ubiquitous and is both a productivity asset and a gaming device.

The suite of 'Mobile Office' applications really have changed both work and mobile behaviors - moving it well beyond email.

2. More importantly, our lives are now in the cloud.

It is interesting enough that the "Cloud" terminology is commonplace enough to make its way into mainstream promotional campaigns (from Apple to Comcast to Microsoft).

And it is interesting to think your computing behavior over the last year: what sorts of files do you save to your desktop? How do you navigate your machine and content? There is not much of my tech existence that is sitting on a device, unreachable through the cloud: email, calendars, contacts, notes, files, photos, etc. I often opt for lighter-weight solutions than robust applications - for instance, most of my 'work' is documented in Google Docs, emails and Evernote rather than in richer Word, Powerpoint and Excel files.

Of course there are times that Excel and Powerpoint in particular are necessary...and excellent products. But most of my usage is with products that more resemble "Notepad" than "Word 2010".

I guess that portability and efficiency are most important to me. And as we own numerous devices - phone, laptop(s), tablet, etc - these becomes more and more important.