Tonight you'll likely see a handful of tech companies advertising during the Super Bowl (a 30-second spot runs $3,000,000). Techmeme - which is usually filled with tech and gadget news - is headlined by forthcoming ads by Groupon, Living Social, and The Daily. And there will be others... But what is equally interesting is how many of these ads are now being showcased on the web before they hit the television. Crafted for the Super Bowl ad blitz, Volkswagon's Darth Vader commercial is already a viral hit with nearly 13m views... which means they may well have already won the ad wars:

And then there is Facebook who, according to InsideFacebook, aims to make the commercials social. users will be able to watch, comment, share and rate commercials within Facebook... and advertisers will hope that their spots become viral the way that VW's already has. The page will become available at 2pm pst and be available on Facebook's sports page.