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Yesterday, Living Social Sold 1.39 Billion Calories Worth of McDonald's Food.

Yesterday Living Social ran a promotion with McDonald's: $13 for 5 Big Macs and 5 large fries. With 15 hours to go, they have already sold ~260,000 deals... which equates to 1.2 million Big Macs. ~35,000 people shared the deal via Facebook (~13%). I remind you: the deal *still* has 15 hours remaining. What's this all mean? Of Big Macs alone, Living Social sold: 763 million calories 44 million grams of fat 60 million grams of carbs and 31 million grams of protein

When you add in the fries, the total dent is: 1.39 billion calories and 76 million grams of fat


Use Facebook Connect to Eliminate Mobile App Registration, Login

I have two mobile application pet peeves: 1. when the first thing I see is a registration flow. 2. and when the registration doesn't use Facebook's steamlined flow. The goal for app developers is to convert downloads into users - and then drive repeat usage. Obviously conversion efficiency is critical ... and each incremental step is an opportunity for drop-off.

Facebook's new mobile Connect flow is a huge improvement and significantly better than asking new users to enter account information. There are two important options:

First, Facebook allows users to connect by running Facebook as a background application. How this works: when a users Connects with Facebook, Facebook opens as a new background application and asks the users for publishing permissions. Importantly, the user never needs to enter / type information AND the application automatically toggles to and from Facebook for authentication.

Second, you can also login directly to Facebook... and in addition to the email address, users can login using their mobile number. This is effective because:

1. your 10 digit phone number is likely shorter than your email address 2. typos are far less likely on the number keypad

Here is an example of Groupon's iPhone app automatically toggling to Facebook for authentication:

The only action by the user is agreeing to the normal publishing requests (using Living Social as the example):

And login via email or phone number:

Tech takes to Super Bowl XLV Ads... & Takes them to Web before the Game

Tonight you'll likely see a handful of tech companies advertising during the Super Bowl (a 30-second spot runs $3,000,000). Techmeme - which is usually filled with tech and gadget news - is headlined by forthcoming ads by Groupon, Living Social, and The Daily. And there will be others... But what is equally interesting is how many of these ads are now being showcased on the web before they hit the television. Crafted for the Super Bowl ad blitz, Volkswagon's Darth Vader commercial is already a viral hit with nearly 13m views... which means they may well have already won the ad wars:

And then there is Facebook who, according to InsideFacebook, aims to make the commercials social. users will be able to watch, comment, share and rate commercials within Facebook... and advertisers will hope that their spots become viral the way that VW's already has. The page will become available at 2pm pst and be available on Facebook's sports page.