Last night, TechCrunch reported that Facebook announced the forthcoming launch of Facebook Deals. Facebook's clear push is around finding activities and local businesses that can be enjoyed among friends... which is a very different value proposition than 'big savings!': "Deals on Facebook. Now Better With Friends. Find fun things to do with your friends.". That positioning is obvious in all of Facebook's marketing thus far: landing page, announcement, and notifications (email, wall posts, viral loop, etc):

In a very competitive space with a couple dominant players, Facebook recognizes that their differentiator is also their launch strategy: their massive audience and each users' social graph.

- Facebook announced their Deals platform yesterday (Coming soon!) - Users were prompted to 'subscribe' to Deals (before Deals are provided) - Once you subscribe, two things happen:

1. Your Facebook wall is updated with the announcement - encouraging others to learn, subscribe and share ('tell friends')

2. You are prompted to directly invite friends to Facebook Deals (the Subscribe Now button becomes a Tell Friends button and you are encouraged to select friends to invite