Like many entrepreneurs I've met with, I have been thinking a lot about local merchants and how the web is changing their businesses (mobile, social, deals, etc). It is a fascinating trend / space - and merchants are getting barraged with technology offers and services. There are opportunities (and in some cases promises) around users acquisition, loyalty / retention, in-store activity, etc. I am reminded of my Sept 2010 post, "Geo Local Overload" and this local shop's outdoor signage: follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google:

It's overwhelming for merchants and consumers. The winners will emerge with a simple, widely accessible solution that adds value to both the merchant (either in acquisition, loyalty or in-store experience) and the consumer.

If you're an entrepreneur addressing the local market and the merchant's needs, make sure you have a product - and a pitch! - that cuts through the noise. And if you can cut through the noise, I'd love to talk with you. Email me =)