YCombinator and Sam Altman have put together a tremendous resource for entrepreneurs, product managers, product marketers, etc... they have made available a series of lectures around YC's "How to Start a Startup" course and it is truly excellent. Not only are the topics spot on - and relevant to all aspects of founding, building and growing and business - but they have phenomenal leaders giving their talks.

I will ultimately do a couple of these posts - but wanted to start by embedding Alex SChultz's talk on Growth. Alex is an old colleague from eBay, a friend, and an absolute wizard of growth mechanics, product marketing, user scaling, etc. That's what he does at Facebook and has been doing it (very successfully) for quite some time there.

This is a must watch video - Alex has an ability to distill complicated numbers, tactics and ideas into something that is very clear and actionable. And again, it is relevant far beyond the earliest-stage companies.