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Facebook Anchoring Social Ads Atop the Ticker

In January I noted that Facebook was experimenting with ad placements above the ticker. This is obviously prime real estate for the ad - and inversely devalues the ticker's prominence. Over the last week, I have been seeing more and more of this treatment. A couple things to note:

1. Yes, the ad unit is above the ticker.

2. As I have written before - this is much more than an ad - it's a mini Facebook page: friends, likes, comments, shares, etc.

3. When you scroll down the page, something new and interesting happens: the ad drops off the page and the ticker anchors to the top op the browser. It's a slick animation (shown in screenshot two). Ultimately, this could also anchor for the ad unit - which would make the ad unmissable.

Amex + Facebook Likes + Social Graph

This is powerful. And it happens to showcase my favorite brand, Dunkin Donuts... so of course I had to share it:

From American Express:

"You and your friends like and share many things on Facebook. Now, American Express has deals and experiences for you based on those likes and interests. And once you sign up and choose your deals, all you have to do is use your American Express® Card and statement credits will be sent directly to your Card account.

No coupons. No hassles. Just a credit on your statement, and savings in your pocket."