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Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon finds a promotional ad unit they like... and they stick to it. I've written before about Amazon effectively selling the "buy / create once, access anywhere" tagline. It's simple and it speaks to: Amazon being more open / compatible than most, and Amazon's content being portable - 'don't lose content you've already purchased'

Here is the promotion for the Kindle Cloud Reader - meaning purchases are accessible via browser, app, and Kindle. And the Cloud Reader itself is accessible anywhere the browser is ... in other words, everywhere:

And here is Amazon's Could Player unit:

Here is the original Kindle promotion:

Amazon Cloud Player: Buy Once, Listen Everywhere

Amazon's marketing message for the Kindle is simple: buy once, read everywhere. It's a compelling selling-point and the reason why othr services with similar propositions (ala Evernote) are so popular. The promo unit shows seven devices ... all running the Kindle application.

Similarly, Evernote's promotion can be describe as "write once, read anywhere". The marketing graphic looks similar: the application across different devices:

So it's no surprise that the Amazon Cloud Player marketing unit looks almost exactly the same as the Kindle's: "Play your music anywhere."

It's also not surprising that "Access Anywhere" is the core value proposition of cloud-based services. And it's interesting to see how that proposition is similarly - and effectively - conveyed across different applications and brands.