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Amazon Wants to Remind You: There is Still Time to Get it by December 24

As Christmas approaches, your inbox has probably filled with reminders from brands and websites that the shipping deadline is looming. For e-commerce sites, Thanksgiving through Christmas is a seasonal highlight for the business... but it quickly tapers the days before Christmas as shipping / deliveries become as issue of feasibility, reliability and scheduling conflict (travels often begin days before the holiday). So e-commerce brands do their best to remind consumers that: - it's not too late to order online, and - they can and will deliver reliably

There are several examples below, but the best (as is usually the case) comes from Amazon: "Fast Shipping: There is still time to get it by December 24". There are three options laid out: - Two day shipping will get it by Dec 22 (free) - One day shipping will get it by Dec 23 ($3.99) - Same day deliveries via Local Express will deliver on Dec 24 ($5.99)


An hour after posting, I got this email from Under Armour: "FREE Shipping & On-Time Delivery: Order By Noon Tuesday"