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Lady Gaga Uses Facebook Event to Launch New Single

230,000 have RSVP'd to the debut of Lady Gaga's new single: Born This Way. Why? In part because it is Lady Gaga (who only trails Justin Bieber in internet popularity) and in part because the viral loop of the Facebook Event promoted directly on and across Facebook. I have previously written about Facebook's Facepile... but this is interesting because it is an 'eventpile' of sorts. showcases the event and the corresponding facepile of those attending and viewers can register for the event (attend, maybe, no) directly from the homepage.

Once you attend, you it publishes to your Facebook feed and showcases you (and your friends) who are attending. That of course gets significant visibility - ~250,000 people have RSVPed and many of their 500 friends are probably aware.

It's a very aggressive implementation of Facebook Event system. And it's very clever / effective. Now imagine the event being tied to Facebook Places, Groups or special access to the song. Lots of possibilities... homepage - primary action / display is the Facebook Event:

~250,000 people are attending. Another 200,000 are undecided (which is effectively no different since it's a promotional event).: