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The Election, Poltical Ad Spend & AdSense

This morning, I was notified by friends and blog readers of political ads running on my site ... it's happened quite frequently over the last few months and I've gone to Google to put out each small fire using their competitive ad filter (which, by nature, is a reactive process). This time, I got an ad supporting "Yes on Prop 8" - which is already highly controversial and certainly nothing I would place on my blog (which I work hard to maintain as politically neutral and tech / web / mobile focused): Prop 8 Advertisement

I am frustrated that Google doesn't have a meta-filter for ad categories that are political in nature (for instance)... asking me to block domain after domain is not particularly easy or effective.

Furthermore, I was asked by a specific ad-network (Forbes) to run this ad last week at premium CPMs (likely higher than what Google would pay) - and I declined. So you can imagine my frustration that the ads run DESPITE my prior decline at higher ad rates.

Update: TechCrunch just wrote about this exact topic... and the same ads. Glad to know others are also unhappy