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Sephora: Online User Reviews in Live Stores

I spent part of Sunday afternoon at Sephora in Union Square - we made a trip to purchase Living Proof No Frizz for Anette (who now swears by it!): While we were there for Living Proof, I did notice the following signage throughout the store and attached to various products:

I love it:

- these are product reviews from real shoppers at

- the review includes the users' name, text, location, and rating (in stars)... giving a very personal feel and incenting users to review products so that they can be included in the live shopping experience

- those shoppers are referred to as "Clients", which is sophisticated, upscale, etc

- it features Sephora Mobile: - which is a great way to promote and integrate the mobile web experience:

"go to on your phone's web browser to read more reviews"

I am not sure how scalable the integration is (after all, this is printed and placed - web-based would be more expensive but more flexible) - but I love the creativity and the execution.

As an aside, Living Proof recently introduced a new product: Full:

"Flat, lifeless hair results from each strand being so smooth and fine that it lays quite literally flat, one on top of the other. Full Thickening Cream is a lightweight formula that features Poly Beta Amino Ester-1, a new technology invented by our scientists that creates a micro-pattern of thickening points on each strand. Full creates beautiful, natural fullness and touchable body that lasts throughout the day. Because it's a completely flexible technology, your hair won't collapse or become stiff and crunchy. Great for colored hair, too."

You can see more on Living Proof and on Sephora (the reviews are outstanding!):