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JibJab Jr. Brings Interactive Kids Books to the iPad. And its Great!

Today, JibJab launched JibJab Jr. to bring interactive children's books to the iPad. And while I am obviously biased (Polaris is an investor)... it's terrific. If you've ever seen: 1) a child play with the iPad, and 2) a JibJab Starring You Movie

You'll understand why this is fun and exciting.

Dear JibJab Members,

We're thrilled to introduce JibJab Jr. Books, an iPad app that allows you to create Starring You® storybooks with your child's face and name.

JibJab Jr. Books are not hyper-clickable toys. They are designed from the ground up to help you wind down your kids, ages 2 to 6, before bedtime with great stories and beautiful art.

You can download the app for free, which includes one free book, or learn more on our website.

Thanks for being a part of the JibJab community. As always, we appreciate the support!