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Feeling Ripped Off? Kodak AND Microsoft Attack

Microsoft made headlines with their "Lauren" commercials ("I'm just not cool enough to be a Mac person"):

Considering the economy, Microsoft hit Apple at a very sore, powerful point: pricing. Critics argued that the machine "Lauren" purchased (a $699 HP) doesn't compare to Apple's - and without mention of functionality, the commercial is neither accurate nor fair.

But in this economy, Microsoft got it right: the only thing that matters is price. Last night Kodak began airing their new ad campaign ("Feeling Ripped Off?") suggesting that Americans over-paid $5 Billion for ink in 2008. No mention of Kodak's quality. No mention of anything but pricing. The commercial's simplicity, the enormous numbers, and strong visuals make it powerful... in the same way that Lauren makes Microsoft seem like a smart buy: