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Nothing's Hotter than the iPhone (Unless You're on Facebook)

Visited any tech site recently? Chances are, it looks a lot like Techmeme's current front page: inundated with news and rumors regarding Apple's iPhone and upcoming announcements (see headlines here and here):

It's not just a Techmeme syndrome though. According to Twist, Twitter discussions around 'iPhone' are soaring as the Apple conference approaches:

In Google Trends, Google shows that iPhone related news is growing steadily (outside of the major peaks surrounding release dates).

The only major hub that doesn't show iPhone growth is Facebook. Their Lexicon tracker shows relatively flat use of the term 'iPhone' in Wall chatter... and to put that in perspective, I've charted 'iPhone' against the 'Lakers' - who start the NBA Finals tomorrow night. So maybe this gives perspective on tech geeks like myself whose over-infatuation with the iPhone isn't representative of the norm? Then again, if Apple really is to sell 10,000,000 units - that infatuation will have to be pretty widespread: