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Apple's Latest iPhone Advertisement: All About Big Brands

In March, I wrote about Apple's full page advertisement in the New York Times touting the iPhone as a weekend tool: "Getting the most out of your weekend, one app at a time."

In yesterday's New York Times, they ran a continuation of the ongoing campaign - but with a slight twist: promote the branded apps (I wrote a post this week about seven of the best branded iPhone apps):

"It's pretty amazing who's on the iPhone these days. From CNN to Nike, Starbucks to FedEx, there are over 100,000 apps for just about anything. Only on the iPhone and the nation's fastest 3G network." It is a poor photo, but you can see that each of the applications comes from a very recognizable name: Nike, Starbucks, eBay, CNN, Gap, ESPN, Facebook, Target, Bank of America, Whole Foods, CNN, USA Today, Avis, eTrade, Pizza Hut and Barnes & Nobles.

Also of note, other than CNN's $1.99 app, all of these applications are free. In many of Apple's advertisements - and certainly in their app recommendations - they tend to promote paid applications... but here, the brand names are intended to sell hardware and reputation rather than micro-purchases.

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Food Thoughts – San Francisco’s Waterbar, Peet’s, Top Chef and more

Flying Alaska Airlines today for the first time and have thus far been unimpressed… as far as ‘cheap’ airlines go, I am very loyal to Jet Blue. After twittering about this probably being my last Alaska flight, I got some very funny responses.

Steeleydaniel: @berecruited what’s wrong? They taxi the plane by dogsled?

Anyhow, here a few quick food thoughts:

1. Terminal 2 at SFO has Peet’s Coffee. I ordered a drip and reaffirmed how much I dislike Peet’s coffees. I think their espresso drinks are better than Starbucks – but their drip coffees aren’t flavorful. I get a lot of criticism for saying so, but its hard to find chain coffee that beats Starbucks. Sure, some of their blends are bad (ie Kimono Dragon – terrible), but they rotate the roasts daily and several are terrific (my favorite is Sumatra).

2. Going to Seattle for the first time - which is embarrassing since Russell has lived there for four years (my long-time friend and beRecruited partner). Every time I have planned to visit him, business drives us elsewhere (usually Bay Area or Vegas)… Just my luck, Russell won’t be in Seattle as he is in Atlanta for beRecruited business!

3. Interested to see if the Starbucks in Seattle is really better than the one’s outside of Washington. I hear they are.

4. Top Chef starts tonight… I will set my DVR accordingly. 4 contestants are Bay Area chefs. Great show.

5. Interesting article in the Mercury News about Whole Foods now air-chilling their fresh chicken rather than with water (a Bay Area test that is now moving national). Just last week I was raving about how superior their chicken is compared to other grocers. I suppose this is why.

6. Randi was in town for the last few days and we ate like kings. Our favorite restaurant was The Waterbar (the new seafood place on Embarcadero and beside the Bay Bridge). Spectacular views, amazing food, great wait staff – and everything came out instantly. This is my new favorite SF restaurant – and if you like seafood, do yourself a favor and make a reservation. Amazing. Also enjoyed Blowfish Sushi (better than the Santana Row location).