Wondering why you are now getting more Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa Johns emails?

eMarketer reports that "the average online pizza order is $6 to $9 higher than the average telephone order." The research suggests (as one would expect) that ordering online is an easier, more enjoyable experience than dealing with people over the phone: "online customers had a more leisurely experience than did phone customers, and that having access to the entire menu let them order without feeling rushed, resulting in the higher totals."

Sure - this research seems obvious, but:

- + $6-$9 per pizza order is quite significant ... that's nearly another pie per order - It speaks to the importance of customer service, having digital menus and being able to control the experience - This speaks well for upstarts like GrubHub, Yelp and Google / Yahoo Local - I now understand why I get more-than-weekly emails like the one below (and I suspect it will get worse!)

Pizza Hut Pizza