I nitpick design... and it's certainly not because I am a designer or artistically talented; rather, it's because I often struggle with the balance of aesthetics and functionality / efficacy. Great example here from The New Inquiry. Gorgeous page header with an integrated tweet directly below. It is visually very clean and looks as though it is part of the core site / design. Even the right sidebar is good looking: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email icons all integrated and locked into the sidebar (and a nice hover-state animation).

So my nitpick: that tweet is great, but: what's the point? It's more than displaying dynamic content... it's to build an audience and engage. Therefore, the most important part is a having a follow button - or an in-line reply / retweet function. So while this looks beautiful - it's a reminder that functionality is ultimately at least equally important... and every pixel should work for you - in this case, drive engagement.