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Using Multiple Images in the Facebook Feed (Zynga's Farmville as an Example)

Facebook's newsfeed is a powerful lever to message users / fans, reach larger audiences and drive traffic. Like any marketing efforts, positioning and timing are important elements (a good reason to use services like and to carefully monitor referral traffic).

Publishers and application developers are well aware of this are getting more creative - and aggressive - with how they utilize the Facebook Feed. One of the most important changes is the inclusion of more imagery in the feed and through Facebook Connect - instead of publishing a single photo, developers like Zynga include multiple images to create a much-larger, more attractive one. Zynga, who is always at the leading edge of understanding and capturing virality, does this very well with their new hit (and fastest growing game yet): Farmville. The images are bold, great-looking and represent achievements related to the players' most recent activity.

farmville-icon Similar techniques are being applied by other application developers and to blogs (posts often have multiple photos). Considering that the feed updates in real-time and your network might post hundreds of times each day, standing out is as important as it is difficult.

Facebook Feed Zynga

Also of note, Rails Rumble competitor employed similar techniques: when a user posts a matchup to Facebook, the feed contains an image for each item and a "vs." sign. Launches out of Dog Patch Labs & Rails Rumble 2009

Rails Rumble 2009 concluded yesterday at 5:00pm pst. About 250 teams submitted their 48-hour projects and the early results look great (here's an excellent write / thread on Hacker News). Judging for the event begins tonight.

Dog Patch Labs hosted a team of four (see roster below) that created a social way to create viral match-ups. FastFeud is integrated into Facebook (via Facebook Connect) and Twitter - allowing users to share content through their social graphs.

fastfeud-pic Member and designer Rob Abbott gives a tour of FastFeud and its Facebook integration:

About This or That: it is an age old question that pertains to people, ideas, sports teams, and so on. allows users to quickly create match ups that can then be shared virally through Facebook (using Facebook Connect) and Twitter. The experience is visual, exciting and fast-paced - allowing users to rapidly interact with numerous feuds.

Each match up includes a question, two contestants and images. Users are then encouraged to vote on the match up - on, Facebook and Twitter. Votes are collected and winners are presented.

When shared via Facebook, users are able to post the match up and images of the two contestants directly into their Facebook feeds. When shared via Twitter, users are able to promote their match up and voting preference to their Twitter following.

Developed for the Rails Rumble 2009 contest in 48 hours by the Browseology Team and friends from Lijit and Egg Haus with the support of Dog Patch Labs.

The Team

Joe Pestro (@joepestro) - Developer for and Co-Founder of Browseology, LLC Art Chang (@kineticac) - Developer for and Co-Founder of Browseology, LLC Kevin Olsen (@kevinrolsen) - Developer for (flew in from Colorado to the SF Bay Area to work on this) Rob Abbott (@abbott) - Founder and CEO of Egg Haus