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Quirky & Cordies Demonstrates Great Packaging and the Power of Crowdsourcing

In January, I wrote a Klout-inspired piece on the impact of great packaging. I was reminded of that message when I bought this Cordies cable organizer by Quirky. Simple product that is great because of the simplicity. And while the product's design is great - the packaging is every bit as good, from the box to the booklet. It is also a testament to the why crowd sourcing efforts like KickStarter are so popular - buying products 'created' by the masses is fun and uplifting. The back of the box and the booklet describe creator (Stephen Stewart), the number of "influencers" (562 others), and their 'ownership' (it outlines how much revenue goes to each community member).

It always feels good to buy great products (strange to admit, but true). Quirky has made it feel extra special.