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Quick Thoughts on Twitter, RedLasso & Microsoft Office 2007

1. Twitter: seems to be hitting a tipping point. Friend ‘follows’ are coming much faster than at any point during its short existence. 2. RedLasso: I have no data to support it, but I continue to see their videos spread through faster than any other player.

3. Microsoft Office 2007: it rules. Huge improvement over the last Office editions… Powerpoint and Excel in particular. Creating charts and presentations is infinitely easier and looks better. My only complaint is that I find myself having save versions in compatibility mode (ie, not .ppx) because few people have Office 2007…. So get it!

4. sfEntrepreneurs: I haven’t posted about the group in a while – but that’s not an indication that progress isn’t being made. We have an exciting idea and a ‘very beta’ release will be available shortly. Stay tuned.