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InGameNow Launches - Brings Sports Scores, Chatter Mobile

I haven't blogged much in the last week - but I have good reason: we've been hard at work on InGameNow... and, just in time for tomorrow's NBA Draft, we officially launched today! InGameNow: Twitter for Sports

As I have discussed before, InGameNow was launched and funded out of sfEntrepreneurs - an organization of ten local entrepreneurs with varied skillsets. After a couple months of intensive work in each of our 'spare' time, we have launched a product that we are very excited about. The concept of InGameNow arrived from the team's two shared passions:

1. We are all avid sports fans 2. We are all avid Twitter users

But we collectively were disappointed about the lack of a sports presence on Twitter - and personally, I am a believer that Twitter is effective for open, spontaneous discussions but struggles as a medium to follow structured events.

The end result is which can best be described as Twitter for sports. With InGameNow, sports fans can interact around teams, players and games... most exciting, users can now receive real-time updates and scores via Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger and Email (customizable by frequency and content) - so even if you can't attend or view your team's next game, you'll be able to stay up-to-date and engage with fellow enthusiasts:

For mobile users, you can either us Google Talk, browse directly on (optimized for the iPhone) or schedule email alerts:

We also had a nice write up on Mashable:

A new sports community called InGameNow, from the creators of the recently acquired beRecruited, adopts the Twitter method of disseminating user-generated information on sports news reporting and commentary. In addition, these Twitter-like updates are filtered based on votes, so the best updates can bubble to the top. In true sports community nature, users on InGameNow earn points for site participation, and can work their way up the rankings in order to become trusted users...

If you're a sports fan, I encourage you to check out InGameNow. We aim to have an active night of posting for tomorrow's NBA Draft. And (as always) I welcome feedback either on the blog or directly via email!

InGameNow.cow Launches Beta Version

Very exciting news for sports fans everywhere. For the last couple months, I've written about sfEntrepreneurs and the work that our organization has been doing.

On the same night that Kansas and Memphis battle for NCAA Championship, has officially launched it's beta version.

InGameNow Logo

InGameNow allows sports fan to interact around teams, leagues and games. Follow your favorite teams and connect with other sports fans over real-time scores, banter, news and gossip. Staying atop of the sports world is now simple... and more importantly - fun.

This is also InGameNow's Beta version. We have plenty of features that are coming shortly... features that will keep you even more connected your favorite teams, games and InGameNow users.

So go ahead - give InGameNow a test drive. Start collecting points and keep an eye out for the new features that we'll be adding (day over day)!

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Quick Thoughts on Twitter, RedLasso & Microsoft Office 2007

1. Twitter: seems to be hitting a tipping point. Friend ‘follows’ are coming much faster than at any point during its short existence. 2. RedLasso: I have no data to support it, but I continue to see their videos spread through faster than any other player.

3. Microsoft Office 2007: it rules. Huge improvement over the last Office editions… Powerpoint and Excel in particular. Creating charts and presentations is infinitely easier and looks better. My only complaint is that I find myself having save versions in compatibility mode (ie, not .ppx) because few people have Office 2007…. So get it!

4. sfEntrepreneurs: I haven’t posted about the group in a while – but that’s not an indication that progress isn’t being made. We have an exciting idea and a ‘very beta’ release will be available shortly. Stay tuned. - Kick Off Event January 27th

I am starting a new project called - a young entrepreneurs organization where members collectively incubate, invest and operate the web business we choose to pursue. Every member of the organization will be an effective partner - invested in the business, a strong contributor and a significant shareholder. Our first kick off is January 27th (location to be determined) and I'd love to have you be a part of it. We will discuss business and organization ideas and take the first steps at moving forward. Please let me know if you are interested and able to attend.

Finally, there is one requirement - you must invite at least three respected friends / peers to join and attend the kick-off. The goal is to build a great network of contributors.

Website: Kick-off event: Sunday January 27th @ 5pm Location: TBD

Please RSVP to me - an Evite will be sent shortly.

Qualifications: - live in the Bay Area - web 2.0 experience and savvy - ability to commit weekly effort and time - willingness to help fund the business (typically $500-$5,000 depending on desired equity & total partners)