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A New ESPN App for iOS: Version 4.8

Today, we released a new version of the ESPN App for iOS (download here). Several enhancements and new features to play with (noted below). This of course comes on the heels of last month's integration with WatchESPN - so you can now live stream all of ESPN directly within the ESPN App... if it's live on ESPN, its in the ESPN App:

- Headlines from your favorite teams arrive right on the app home screen. Tap in and jump inside the team clubhouse. Never miss news or highlights again.

- Within the Audio tab, you can now customize and subscribe to your favorite podcasts. We'll send you alerts when new podcasts arrive and save your listening spot so you can finish next time. Tap the headphones icon to get started.

- iPad Pro support and optimization.

- Speed and performance optimizations.



The 2016 College Football Championship on ESPN: 14 Ways to Watch with the CFP Megacast

Tonight's 2016 College Football Championship features #1 Clemson (13-0) vs. #2 Alabama (12-1) and kicks off at 8:30pm EST on ESPN. In addition to the telecast, we will be running Megacast across all our digital properties featuring 14 different ways to view and follow the game.

You can stream the linear broadcast, watch in Spanish, follow from above with the Spider Cam or from the endzone with the Pylon Caam. You can listen to the Hometown Broadcasts and root for Alabama or Clemson. Or, you can follow from the Taco Bell Student Section for a totally different experience. In total, there are 14 different ways to watch and each will be available directly inside your ESPN App (iOS and Android) or via your connected TV Apps (Apple TV, Roku, XBox, Amazon, etc).

And if you're following digitally - and the ESPN App will deliver all o the action through real-time video highlights and alerts. Enjoy!

clemson alabama cfp

Introducing Snapchat Discover & ESPN

Yesterday, Snapchat launched their new short-form, fun media product Discover: "Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams. It’s the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. This is not social media." I am excited to say that ESPN is part of that launch - among ten other great launch partners. We of course represent your sports news and content. You'll find unique, daily sports clips, articles, photos and takes. It is fun and compelling - and most importantly, it fits really nicely within Snapchat's environment and interface. I think you'll have fun playing with it.

Also: our team is growing. So whether you are interested in creating the great social content or helping to build experiences like these - please contact me. There are many great positions.

snapchat discover espn


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SportsCenter App for iOS8

Yesterday we released an update to the SportsCenter App for iOS - optimized for iOS8 and including a rich, personalized widget.

Users can now add the SportsCenter widget to their Today panel within iOS8. The widget includes live scores from your favorite teams and one-click access to listen to ESPN's live Radio broadcast. You can actually customize which teams appear within the widget from the settings section of the SportsCenter App.


itunes sc app

A New Is Coming

espn-redesign1 Earlier today, we began to open the doors to a small group of ESPN users for the new, redesigned It is the first day of our Beta process - a multi-month process in which we will gradually open the doors to more and more fans, continuously test and iterate, and build towards the eventual site launch. Mashable covered the redesign last night (you can read here).

And you can learn more about the redesign and request early access here.


Below are some questions and my answers from the Mashable article:

What are the goals for the new

Simply put, we set out to build a modern that showcases our expansive content (scores, analysis, highlights videos, and games) beautifully and intuitively across all devices and screen sizes. Furthermore, we aimed to create a cohesive aesthetic and experience across the new and our native applications like SportsCenter and Fantasy Football. Over time, you will hopefully notice that our site and our applications feel connected and familiar.

How were those goals translated into the current beta? And how much will that evolve over the next several months, based on user feedback?

Hopefully that vision is are strongly evidenced within the beta site, which is an ever-evolving product experience. Rather than building in wireframes and static files, we have stressed working and living in live, beta-experiences… so we have been using some form of the Beta internally and using it for extensive user-testing and experimentation. That will continue as we now open the beta publicly – the site will change routinely, we will launch and test new product and content experiences, and we will learn from fan feedback and interactions. The Beta site – like the eventual site launch – is an evolving, living organism.

Why did you choose for it to look, feel and function the way it does?

Aesthetically, we are aiming for a clean, modern look that works intuitively across all screen sizes and feels connected to our mobile applications. The site is designed responsively, starting first with the mobile phone and responding to larger screens (tablet and beyond). You will notice that the site is organized into three distinct pillars:

Favorites: prominently delivering *your* teams, news, and fantasy scores… this has been a tremendous hit with fans during user-testing

News: the best news of the day, as delivered by our amazing content team. It is organized in an ever-scrolling news feed, rich with video and big imagery

ESPN Now: this is a new content experience that brings together lively and real-time content from what’s happening in the sports world now, at this moment. Content comes from our news desk, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more – and it too is rich with video and imagery.

These all sit beneath a much-simplified navigational header and a cleaner, more visual scoreboard.

introducing espn

ESPN Fantasy Football 2014: New App, Twitter Cards, Sticker Packs, Tilt & More

Much is new in 2014 for the #1 Fantasy Football site and application on iOS and Android - a new look, a new experience, and a slew of new features (including integration with Tilt, as covered here).

Earlier this week, we released an update to both iOS and Android. A couple fun highlights worth mentioning... and a reminder that football kicks off shortly, so get drafting!

You can now share key moments from your fantasy season via social channels and optimized Twitter Cards. Here is an example of a the Fantasy Draft card that is players are sharing throughout and after their drafts:

twitter card fantasy 2

twitter card fantasy

Another update, which is also focused on adding some fun and personality to the game: the addition of custom team stickers and logos. Available within the mobile apps, we have logos around ESPN talent (like Matthew Berry and our NFL crew), popular culture (like Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6) and unique designs. You can see them here on Pinterest. Enjoy.

matt berry sticker pack

Introducing Fantasy Football 2014

Introducing ESPN's new Fantasy Football apps for 2014 - available now on iOS and Android. Highlights of this release are:

- Entirely new visual design - Full relaunch of the Android application - League creation and drafting from your mobile device - Get a team & join a league from your mobile device - Invite your friends with email, Twitter, Facebook Messenger or text message - Free alerts for injuries, scores, trades, and more - Fantasy News and Videos from ESPN Fantasy Football analysts.

And here are a couple of The Commish ad spots running on TV and other media:



ESPN, Google & World Cup Highlights in Search Results

Yesterday, Google and ESPN combined to deliver real-time video highlights directly into Google search results via Google's homepage, World Cup related search queries and Google's new World Cup page, and so on. This integration will be live during the entire 2014 World Cup - meaning soccer fans can find their highlights.

- on &, ESPN's suite of mobile apps - on social media through integrations like Twitter Cards that play directly in-line and are sharable and embeddable - and now on Google and directly within search results

At ESPN, our mission is simply to serve sports fans, anytime and anywhere. This is another great, big step in that direction with our partners at Google.

World Cup 2014 Google and ESPN

Press coverage (as represented by Techmeme):

Chris Welch / The Verge: Google and ESPN partner to put World Cup highlights in search — If you're stuck in a cubicle at work and unable to watch every minute of the World Cup, Google and ESPN will at least help you keep up with the latest highlights. The two companies have teamed up to pair both in-progress …

More: The Official Google Blog, Re/code, GeekWire, The Next Web, eWeek, LAPTOP Magazine, Gigaom and Quartz

googlesearch world cup

Today on ESPN: US Open, World Cup 2014, NBA Finals

Today is one of those special days at ESPN: live on our networks and our digital suite of applications you'll find the US Open at Pinehurst, the opening game of the 2014 World Cup (Brazil vs. Croatia) and then Game 4 of the NBA Finals (Spurs at Heat). And that's in addition to a roster of other sporting events, news and happenings. It's a magical sports day and you can follow it all live and live-streamed on ESPN and ESPN apps. Everything will be available on Watch ESPN - which you can access on web, iPhone & iPad, Android phones & tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

And you can follow along with the SportsCenter App (on iOS and Android) and the new ESPN FC App for World Cup and soccer (on iOS and Android).

You can also listen live via ESPN Radio, which is now available on iTunes Music, and of course via web, iOS, and Android.

It's a fun, unique day to be a sports fan - enjoy!

Schedule: US Open - 9am EST on ESPN, ESPN Radio & Watch ESPN App World Cup - 4pm EST on ESPN, ESPN Radio & Watch ESPN App NBA Finals - 9pm EST on ABC, ESPN Radio & Watch ESPN App SportsCenter - 11pm EST on ESPN & Watch ESPN App