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Facebook Gifts, Reminiscent of Facebook Offers

Three things to note about Facebook Gifts: 1. Fascinating - and yet powerful - that the only promotion of Facebook Gifts is within the birthday alerts. It's the definition of "in the river" marketing and promotion. 2. This was the first time I noticed that the gift icon showcases friends who have sent gifts (when available). So not only is it in the river, it is socially relevant ... and therefor has some social pressure!

3. That aspect looks a lot like Facebook Deals.

Facebook Gifts Design Treatment

Below is a screenshot from Facebook's new Gifts product. It is not yet publicly usable - but gifts are appearing in the wild from early users (see below). Two interesting points per the feed graphic: 1. It is a clever use of naming layered atop the graphic (for Dan, from Justin). It really stands out and plays to Facebook's social strength.

2. Per ongoing "in the river" theme, the unit has a very prominent "Learn More" ribbon and button beneath the graphic. Interesting to see if this persists over time, as the product ages - or if it is an onboarding treatment.