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Dynamic, Branded Twitter Ad Units

Last week I wrote about a Nike Golf / Golfsmith social media campaign that rewarded Facebook fans with special giveaways and discounts. The following ad units appeared alongside that blog post. They appeared instantly - within seconds of publishing. It is the first time I have seen units like this - but am sure they have existed beforehand (unsure how long?). The ads feature the Twitter icon and and a "follow me on Twitter" badge for Golfsmith's official Twitter account. Their latest tweets are included and cycled through the banner.

The ability to render these ads contextually and dynamically - and within seconds of publishing - is impressive. And the context and fresh content make the ads.

The only critique: the Twitter follow button should be functional within the ad unit (it currently requires users to click and then follow).

Golfsmith & Nike National Golf Day Give Free Nike Golf Balls to Facebook Fans

This weekend, your local Golfsmith will be hosting Nike's National Golf Day - which features Nike product demos, discounts, etc. But Facebook fans of both Nike Golf and Golfsmith get the VIP treatment with a free sleeve of Nike ONE Vapor golf balls and a 30% trade-in bonus on new Nike clubs: It is interesting to see Nike and Golfsmith tag-team across Facebook and provide exclusive, high value offers to fans. That's just the first step: fans have to then "check in at the store": Golfsmith will have in-store Facebook "fan check-in stations" for fans to broadcast and promote their experience.

Considering the partnership, in-store program and offer (which is compelling to golfers) - there are several steps to the program. Screenshots and explanation are below:

Visit your local Golfsmith store on June 26th for the Nike National Golf Day event (10am - 6pm) and, from 4:30pm - 6pm, facebook fans get exclusive prizes, discounts, and come to win big in the Guess Your Drive contest! It's our way to say "Thanks" for joining the Golfsmith family!


1.Follow this link to print your invite 2. Check In at the Store — Say hi at the Facebook fan check-in station. 3. Enjoy Your Bonuses — Meet your fellow golf fans, get free stuff, and win!


• FREE sleeve of Nike golf balls - Limited to first 24 people. • 30% trade-in bonus when you buy new Nike Golf clubs** • Guess Your Drive Contest: Each local winner gets a $25 Golfsmith cash card and a chance to win the national prize, a Nike driver of your choice worth up to $399.99!*

Promotion on Nike Golf

First, Nike promotes the 'fan exclusive' to its ~200,000 fans - which in turn drives traffic to Golfsmith's page (which had ~40,000 fans going into the promotion)

RSVP to the Facebook Fan Exclusive

The feed post on both Nike and Golfsmith is an event RSVP to the June 26th Nike National Golf Day Event at Golfsmith.

Become a Golfsmith Fan

The first requirement is becoming a fan of Golfsmith... which you can't miss:

You Now Qualify for the Facebook Fan Exclusive

Those "In-time for Christmas" Shipping Emails Keep Coming

As I posted earlier today, this is the last chance to order gifts online and have them delivered before Christmas... which means that e-commerce sites everywhere are sending emails to make sure you know the clock is ticking.... which means that my inbox is particularly crowded today. Here are just a *few* emails received since this morning's post went live:

... and the messaging is on the storefronts / landing pages as well: