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As AT&T Improves, Google Nexus One Arrives on Verizon

I have been eagerly awaiting Google's Nexus One arrival on Verizon - which were initially announced as "Spring 2010". And according to BoyGeniusReport - it has passed through the FCC.

That raises a couple questions - even for someone who glowed so positively about Android and the Nexus One:

1. AT&T is improving. While I complained about AT&T alongside other vocal folks, I do give them credit for addressing the problem and making improvements. PC world tests showed significant improvlement and rated AT&T as the fastest network (read here - seriously). Anecdotally, I have experienced significant improvements in San Francisco, the valley and Los Angeles. The real test will be when I am in New York this week... which was the worst.

2. The HTC Incredible is launching and is apparently also weeks away.... and it is supposedly a formidable competitor to the Nexus One: '3.5″ to 3.7″ WVGA capacitive display (believed to be AMOLED), 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, optical trackpad (death to trackballs!), Snapdragon processor and 256MB RAM topped off with Android 2.1 with Sense UI'

I still contend that I will move to Android - not just for Verizon's network, but because I think it is important to be on Droid's platform (learning, experimentation, etc) - just as it has been so valuable and educational to be on the iPhone.

Are Google Nexus One Ads Location Aware?

You may have noticed that ads for the Google Nexus One have been appearing all over my site... perhaps due to my fanboy-like coverage! Today I noticed a new version of the 728x90 unit that focuses on the Nexus One's navigational system. Notice that the ad includes directions that are relevant to my location (the Embarcadero in San Francisco). This could be the default image - but, knowing Google, I suspect that they feature directionally-relevant images for top DMAs (like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, etc):

Google's Nexus One Product Page & Tour Are Terrific

Since when did Google become such a UI / UE powerhouse? From Chrome to their Extensions to the Android branding / packaging to their holiday cards, it seems like everything coming out of Google is simple, clean and great looking. Now that the Google Nexus is available for purchase, they also have created a gorgeous product page - complete with: - checkout - product specs - 3D experience - product tour (including scale and sizing) - phone activation and shipment tracking Like Google's other recent releases, this is exceptional... particularly for a non-traditional e-commerce company. The purchase flow and the product tour are particularly powerful and clean; in fact, the only real loser of a page is the "technical specifications", which verges on too simplistic and text heavy.

This is my favorite part of the flow. To demonstrate how small the phone is, Google shows you what it looks like within your hand... which is scaled by placing your hand against the screen and choosing the appropriate size. Clever, fun and still useful.

Google Nexus One Unboxing: Great Packaging and Branding

I have spent a lot of time thinking about packaging - particularly over the holidays as we all purchase and receive gifts. Companies like Amazon focus on speed and reliability while others like Rue La La put a lot of care into visuals, emotion and even virality (future post coming). As pictures and reviews of the forthcoming Google Nexus One make their way online, I was struck by the care and uniqueness of the packaging and branding by Google / Android. It is clever and powerful. It is also a stark contrast to the blunt and robotic messaging of Droid: - Droid is here: compromise officially deactivated. (ad here) - Jump from page to page like a caffeinated cricket in a room full of hungry lizards. (ad here)

Meanwhile, the Nexus One packaging oozes Google's brand and is more fun than rigid / tough (like the Droid). From the 'get started' pamphlet to the start screen to the phone's casing, it is obvious that this is: - a Google phone - an Android device - is equipped with 10,000s of applications - has character and funkiness Engadget has a great review and photo gallery of the Nexus One. Here are a handful that highlight the above points and check out all of the photos on Engadget: